A Review of the ProForm Ab Glider Sport


A Review of the ProForm Ab Glider SportThe Ab Glider Sport made by ProForm is an innovative exercise machine which uses specific movements that are designed to target your obliques and abdominal muscles, training your core. There are three different incline positions to alter the difficulty and target specific muscles.

This workout machine comes with a built-in LED screen that lets you keep track of your workouts. The display is bright and easy to read even when you are exercising in less than ideal conditions so you will never lose track of your number of reps completed or the time you have been exercising for.

Unlike imidation models, ProForm’s Ab Glider has comfortable, ergonomically designed grip handles. While this may seem like a small thing, no-one wants to work out with callusses on their hands, or get a bad wrist from awkward grip positions. It is this attention to detail that makes all the difference when choosing an exercise machine.

The Ab Glider is made of solid steel that is very durable, but is light enough to allow you to move it around easily, so you can store it once you are done. The machine has a 180 degree ab rotation mode, as well as a particularly intense workout option in the form of a vertical core crunch track. It also comes with wheels with bearings for easy movement and a firm seat that offers good support but is cushioned enough to be comfortable.

When you Buy ProForm Ab Glider Sport you get two instructional workout DVDs with it that will help you to get started. You don’t have to follow the DVDs if you don’t want to. Personally, I prefered to pick my own program once I was familiar with how to use the machine. I use it for a few minutes every day and have found that regular workouts combined with a sensible diet have really offered amazing results. The important thing here is consistency – if watching the DVDs helps to motivate you, then it makes sense to do so.

The main downside of this exercise machine is that it can only hold a maximum of 250lbs. I allowed a heavier friend to try the machine to see if they liked it, and while it didn’t break (so the reported 250lbs must include some built-in tolerances), it did make some creaking noises and the seat started to wobble. Given that the machine is quite bulky to begin with, and that those who are heavier are likely to benefit the most from exercise, I think it would be good if they offered a stronger, better supported seat.

This is a minor criticism, however. I am close to my ideal weight and just looking to lean out and build up my core, and the Ab Glider Sport is ideal for that. I was encouraged to buy it because of the 90-day limited warranty, but found that I did not need the warranty at all – I have had the machine a couple of months now and I am really impressed by it.

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