Ab Exercises You Absolutely Must Do for Six Packs

Ab Exercises You Absolutely Must DoWe all know that getting a six pack isn’t easy.  It’s estimated that less than 2 percent of people are ripped enough to boast six pack abs.

For those that want a perfect washboard stomach, a good low-fat diet and proper exercise are key. However, most people think that doing tons of sit-ups and crunches will magically give them ripped steel abs.

Most people will give up in frustration when they see no visible result from all that hard work.  The simple fact is, that in order get ripped, you should utilize exercises that work out your entire body. Then after those full body workouts, give your abs 10 to 15 minutes of attention.

This is commonly referred to as compound exercise and it has your name written all over it. Compound exercises work several muscle groups at once. This way your whole body is worked out and your muscles become stronger and more toned overall.

The other great thing about a full body workout  is that it boosts your metabolism so that you burn  fat  fast.  If you want a six pack then burning body fat quickly is super important. You are essentially burning off all the fat that your body stores until you reach a single digit of total body fat percentage.  This is usually about 6-9% for men and 11 to 13% for women. This results in a lean and toned look.

Exercises  like lunges, deadlifts, burpees, squats, renegade rows, jump squats, pull-ups, and bench presses are all fantastic choices to help develop great looking abs.

While these exercises don’t target your abs specifically, they do help you burn off total body fat. This is what will allow your abs to emerge fully. If you don’t get rid of the body fat , then you will never see your abs, no matter how much you work out.

Working on your abs without bothering to burn body fat, is useless. You’ll never see the results you want, without reducing total body fat.

After you’ve made a habit of compound exercises, you should see your total body fat levels dropping pretty dramatically. That’s when it’s time to incorporate targeted ab workouts.

At this point you want to start doing planks, hanging leg raises, Swiss ball rollouts, ab wheel rollouts, barbell Russian twists, medicine ball twists, seated knee tucks, cable rotations, and TRX exercises. Don’t be afraid to switch things up!

The previously mentioned workouts should be varied enough to give you fantastic abdominal. There honestly really isn’t much to it.

Let’s go over everything quickly:

– Perform compound exercise during full body workouts to bring your body fat down to low levels. Then target your abs with very specific exercises. You might be surprised to see your abs start to show even if you haven’t been doing ab work. This is because compound exercise is burning fat and strengthening your core.

Keep in mind that your abdominal muscles should rest a day or so between workouts. This allows them to repair themselves and grow stronger.

If you follow the advice this article gives you and perform the exercises correctly, you should develop some very killer, ripped ABS. If you aren’t sure how to perform the Ab Exercises, just use Google to look them up. You can also search YouTube and watch some demonstrations.

Remember to keep at it and to exercise consistently. Your abs will take time to develop – but the work is worth it!