All About Working the Transverse Abdominals


For those who are looking to work their abdominals for pack abs, most will turn to an abdominal workout that is recommended either online, from a friend, or by their trainer. However, often times these abdominal workouts will overlook the transverse abdominals.

What are the Transverse Abdominals?

What are the Transverse Abdominals Your transverse abdominals lie beneath the six pack muscles. These abdominals perform a vital function, when they are contracted they support your internal muscles. In addition, they increase the pressure in the abdomen so that you are able to lift more weight. When you work your transverse abdominals for pack abs, you will be enhancing your muscular definition of the abs, so working out these muscles will have both functional and aesthetic advantages.

There are several great exercises that can be completed in order to work the transverse abdominal muscles and improve the overall look of your six pack abs.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks Flutter kicks are great for strengthening your transverse abdominals. To perform this exercise you will lie with your back on the floor. Your legs should be extended fully. Knees are slightly bent. Your hands should be placed behind your head. You will lift your shoulders off the floor keeping your neck aligned with the spine. To start the exercise you will move your legs quickly up and down in a scissor like motion. Keep your abs tight as they should be doing most of the work. Do this for one to two minutes or as long as you can stand and then rest for a minute and start again. Try to do one to three rounds.


BicyclesAnother good exercise for your transverse abdominals is similar to the flutter kick. You will lie on your back with legs fully extended. Bend up one leg to a 90 degree angle and the other at a 45 degree angle. Lift your shoulders off the floor keeping the neck aligned with your spine. To start the exercise move your legs like you are pedaling a bicycle while lying on the ground. Do the movement for as long as you can and then take a minute break. Repeat one to three times.


VacuumPerhaps the overall best exercise to work the transverse abs is the vacuum. This is an exercise that can be done at any time almost anywhere. You can do this while you are lying in bed, sitting at the office, or even out shopping. The move is simple, you just suck your stomach in as far as you can and hold it for a count of ten or fifteen seconds. The idea is to pull your abs in as if you are trying to get the muscles to touch your back.

While performing the vacuum exercise you can also work your pelvic floor muscles at the same time. You simply need to pull the pelvic floor muscles up at the same time, essentially, pretend you are trying to stop yourself from going pee.

If you do just this exercise you are going to strengthen your transverse abs muscles quite quickly and you will be on your way to getting the pack abs you desire.

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