Different Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach

Different Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach If you are like most people you are dreaming of obtaining a flat stomach. When you look in the mirror, you may not dream of having six pack abs, but chances are you have a little bit of belly flab that you are looking to get rid of. If this is the case, there are several different exercises that you can do in order to get a flat stomach. Here are a few of these abdominal exercises to get you started.


Planks are great for toning the entire core. In addition, this move helps to sculpt and strengthen your thighs, butt, and arms. To perform a plank you will kneel on the ground on all forms. Your arms should be directly under the shoulders. One at a time stretch your legs back to get into the plank position, which is essentially the up portion of a push up. Your abdominal muscles should be engaged and the body should be straight and long. Do not lift your butt up to high or let your hips sag. Hold the position for one or two minutes and then drop down onto all fours. Do 3 reps of these.
You can also perform a side plank, which is the same move, but done on just one side. Start by lying on the side of your choice and then stretching out until you are holding yourself up with one arm. Repeat on the other side.

Scale Pose

The scale pose is great for strengthening your core and your arms. It is also a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor. To perform this position you will sit in a cross legged position with your hands on the ground next to your hips. Tighten up your pelvic floor, imagine that you have to pee really bad and you are trying to hold it in. Push down into your hands and lift your body off the ground. Hold this position for 3 breaths and then lower yourself back down. This is a difficult move, if you cannot lift your entire body off of the ground, start out by just lifting your butt off the ground with your feet remaining on the ground until you gain enough strength to complete this move.

Swaying Warrior

This is a standing abdominal move that can be extremely beneficial to your core. Stand with your legs wide apart. Turn your right foot ninety degrees out and your left foot 45 degrees in. using your inner thighs lower your abs in order to hold the pose. Place your arms out to the side and then slide the left arm down the back of the left leg while reaching your right arm up over your head. Stretch the right arm up over your ear and your left arm should rest on your leg. Repeat the move twice and then switch sides.

These are just a few of the moves that you can do in order to gain the flat stomach that you desire.