The 3 Week Diet Review – Does It Really Live Up To Its Wild Claims

Since you’re reading this page, you probably know what it’s like. You look at yourself in the mirror every morning and you simply cannot stand the person staring back at you anymore. A pregnancy pouch here, a muffin top there, you wish there would be a simple way to get rid of it all, without having to starve yourself.

You probably tried every diet out there to no avail. Once you lost a few pounds, these same pounds and then some came back to haunt you. Until now.

You see, not too long ago I was in the exact same place you are in now, and I felt just as miserable about all my excess weight. I tried several diets, but even the seemingly promising Atkins diet let me down. I was weighing in at a whopping 200 pounds and all I could think about every day was how to feel good about myself again.

It was around this time that my friend told me about the 3 Week Diet. According to her, she lost 17 pounds in only 15 days of using the diet. Well, that all sounded fabulous, but who would believe that, right?

When the 3 Week Diet changed everything

The 3 Week Diet ReviewIn all honestly, I couldn’t really believe what she told me, but I could definitely see that she lost weight. She simply looked awesome. So I thought what the heck, what have I got to lose?

I downloaded the program and read through everything the same afternoon. Somehow it all made sense to me. Where other diets just left me confused, this program was clear and nothing short of brilliant. In fact, I’d argue that it should really be called a diet. There is no starvation involved here. All you do is combine certain nutrient dense food in one meal and stick to the recommended quantities. That wasn’t too hard!

The program itself was created by a renowned personal trainer and nutrition expert and I felt confident to try out the program with this in mind.

The 3 Week Diet Review - Does It Really Live Up To Its Wild ClaimsI also finally started working out again, and I couldn’t believe I would actually enjoy it! The exercises that are laid out for you in the program are unlike anything I have ever seen before, but they were really fun to do. Fortunately for those that hate working out, it’s completely optional. But believe me, with only 20 minutes and 3 times a week, you’ll soon start to love it!

I know that by now, you’re probably burning to find out how much weight I lost. Well, let me tell you I was completely shocked when I stepped on the scale every week. I couldn’t believe the pounds were just falling off! After 21 days on the program, I was weighing in at only 181 pounds. I lost a whopping 19 pounds in 21 days!

I will continue the program until I’m back at my goal weight, which is 150 pounds. I’m sure it will not take long to get there either! How about you? Are you ready to finally take the plunge and get the body you deserve? Check out!

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