Don’t Eat Like A Woman! The Man Diet Review


Women and men are different. This is fact we have to face every single day in our life, in our interactions at work or in the couple. Everyone agrees that we communicate differently and that’s why it is very hard to understand each other sometimes. What not so many people know is that our nutritional needs are also different. This can be a possible explanation for many men feeling tired all the time and not being able to burn fat and build muscle, despite their hard efforts. The Man Diet review is going to take a look into these aspects that clearly explain why diets tailored for women are ineffective in case of men.

man on diet review

The Man Diet is a book written by a guy named Chad Howse, who has discovered the secret of losing weight and building a lean and muscly body while maintaining all the energy and sex drive a man has. Chad took a closer look at a series of myths regarding fat burning and nutrition and he managed to bust all of them one by one. He decided to share his findings with the world, so he wrote and published this book. Inspired by him, we wrote The Man Diet review you are reading right now, with a desire of showing you its main strong points and benefits for all those who work hard and diet consciously but don’t get the desired results.

The main idea behind this book is that men don’t need to eat less in order to burn fat. They need to eat the right foods at the right times, this being the secret behind a natural enhancement of the testosterone levels. Chad explains how testosterone injections given by doctors trigger the body’s inability of naturally producing testosterone. Combined with diets that are designed for women, these treatments leave men deceived and fat, with no lean muscles and without energy. A man needs to eat enough in order to be able to perform his manly tasks day after day. However, if you don’t know what foods to eat and when, you might not be able to burn the fat and build the body of your dreams.

This book contains simple and plain instructions on what to eat depending on your personal daily routine. The instructions in the book are very easy to apply to any kind of lifestyle, so you are going to find it easy to adjust it to suit your needs. You won’t have to count calories, as there aren’t any restrictions in this direction. You are going to be able to cheat, provided that you follow Chad’s advice on when to have those cheats’ meals you may be craving for.

Chad promises that the first changes will be visible within the first two weeks, just like most of his clients. Moreover, this diet is sustainable on long term, as it doesn’t enforce severe restrictions for those who follow it. Actually this is the biggest problem of many diets and weight loss programs out there. They work in the beginning, but dieters find it impossible to stick with them for a long time, so sooner or later they fall into temptation and cheat so badly, that it renders all their previous efforts ineffective.

Hopefully, The Man Diet review was useful for you. If it made you understand what this book is all about and how it can help you improve your body, it means we have reached our goal. From here, feel free to buy the book for yourself and start eating like a man. When you buy the book, you get access to a vibrant support community to help you get through.

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