Universal Power Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

The Nautilus Universal Power Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells is a good choice when you want to exercise at home. The weights ranges from four to forty five pounds each. The length of the dumbbell is 14 inches, the width is 15 inches and the height is 7 inches. Each weight has nine weight settings. The stand has been ergonomically crafted to provide good dumbbell storage. This will avoid the headache involved in moving and storing the dumbbells. The durability of the rubber handle is guaranteed and will help maintain the grip when lifting the dumbbells. The material used to make the handle is the Thermoplastic rubber. They cost of acquiring this dumbbell is $289.98 including free shipping.

Features of the Universal Power-Pak Adjustable Dumbbells

  1. It has 9 different weight setting starting from four to forty five pounds.
  2. The stand provides an easy and good storage place to store the dumbbells
  3. The handles provide enough grip to prevent slipping or sliding when lifting the dumbbells.
  4. The weights are easily adjustable due to the smooth turning dials at the end of the weight.
  5. Two of these weights replace nine sets of dumbbells. This is 18 individual dumbbells.

The Pros of the Universal Power-Pak Adjustable Dumbbells

It has nine weight setting that increases the 5-pound and ranges from four pounds to forty five. With other weights, you have to move the dial twice to change both ends, but with these dumbbells you move it only once. This eliminates the need of having an entire shelf filled with dumbbells f different weights. Using traditional you has to switch to the different dumbbells when changing the workout. There is a workout guide included in the package with one year warranty and a stand. The durability of the dumbbells is better compared to other products in the industry. Most products have plastic parts that can easily break down and will require a replacement. The weights can be easily assembled by anybody. There are a number of equipment’s that often causes a headache when assembling. The grip of the dumbbell is very strong and doesn’t slide when working out. There are some instances where people get hurt when the dumbbell slides and fall. The dumbbells can be used to do a variety of workouts. There are over thirty different workouts that can be done using these dumbbells. The dumbbell has different settings that makes it suitable to be used by both amateurs and pros alike. Many products are made specifically for a certain group of people, either beginners or pros.

The Cons of the Universal Power-Pak Adjustable Dumbbells

A common complaint about the Nautilus Universal Dumbbells is that they slide a bit when they are being used. The noise caused when they move sometimes irritates the user. This makes the user get a feeling of insecurity when using these dumbbells. After basic use, the plastic parts of the dumbbell can easily break. Its normal for exercisers to drop the weights due to fatigue, having a weight that can break can be a deal-breaker. The size of the dumbbell is slightly larger compared to the traditional dumbbell The shape of the dumbbells are more hexagonal than round making it somehow unappealing.


The flaws of the dumbbell can be easily be addressed. The noise produce doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the workout. In case the dumbbell breaks in the first year, the 1-year warranty will come in handy. The pros outweigh the cons hence making it a good choice.

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