Weider Speed Weight 100 Dumbbells set for Six Pack Abs

Weider SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbell Review
Weider is a giant in the fitness industry and has released a number of home dumbbell products that have made fitness at home very easy. The SpeedWeider 100 Dumbbells set is one of the latest products from the company. They are crafted using high technology that makes it very durable and an amazing product. The design of the product also deserves a mention as it improves the function and the appearance. The symmetrical shape of the dumbbell is the best compared to any other similar products from other companies. Novices and beginners weight enthusiasts have reported that the dumbbells offer practical functionality in a number of exercises including chest exercises and overhead presses.

Specifications and Key Features

 SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells

Heavier models of dumbbells must have an option of adding more weight to the handle, so when an increase in capacity is need, the length of the dumbbell will as well increase. Compared to other available dumbbells in the industry, Weider SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells has a higher minimum weight. The minimum weight of the Weider is between 10 and 15 pounds while the others begin at a mere 5 pounds.

The changes made to the selector mechanism of the dumbbell is one of the major improvements the company did. The dumbbell utilizes the handle to make the changes on the weight setting. Rotating the handle causes the metal cams to move from both sides and grab tight the weight plate that is needed. A single turn of the handle will enable the weights on each end of the dumbbell to be changed simultaneously. This is one of the features that makes it stand out among competitors.

  1. Range of Weights: five pounds to fifty pounds
  2. Pound Setting; five pound increment
  3. Variable weight setting: eight
  4. Construction: Painted Cast Iron
  5. Stand Included
  6. Three DVDs containing 6 workouts

Pros of the SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells

SpeedWeight 100 DumbbellsThe technology set by Weider in weight selection makes it simple. Changing the weight is easy since you only need to turn the handle. There is no chance of it breaking when changing the weights since the shifting is completed with only one bar. The single metal unit that allows the shifting helps too.

The dumbbells comes with a stand and that makes it an added advantage. Buying the stand separately is expensive. The stand is made from solid steel and it is very heavy. It naturally fits the dumbbells and it cannot easily break.

The pricing is fair compared to other adjustable dumbbells in the industry. The pricing works on many budgets levels and can save money. Instead of buying a weight for each level which is expensive, you can just buy one.

Cons of the SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells

A common complaint about this product is that it trades length for bulkiness. Instead of winding up with a thicker and wider dumbbell, you end up with a longer compared to other similar products from competitors
The fact that the minimum weight is 10 to 15 pounds makes it hard for beginners. This will force them to buy 5 pound dumbbells, before proceeding.

The warranty of the product lasts only 90 days, this is very short compared to competitor brands A thorough inspection should be done as soon as the product is purchased.


These dumbells are great for everyone who wants to use them at home. It is easy to switch weights and its easy for beginners too. The brand has been around for some time thus its appearance can be trusted. If you are considering value for your money, then this product is for you.

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