Review Of The Universal Decline Bench By Nautilus


Review Of The Universal Decline Bench By Nautilus The universal decline bench by Nautilus is a decently priced free standing bench. Nautilus is well known for its range of cheap but effective fitness equipment and this decline bench is no exception. With a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds and dimensions of 45 x 17 x 25 inches, it is suitable for almost anyone looking to exercise their core muscles and perform some twists and abdominal crunches.

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The bench offers two decline positions. Some people are not clear on the decline positions. It is true that the bench is welded at the top at an angle of 45 degrees but you can fold it and lay it down on the floor for the flat position. The 8 inches foam cushion rollers will keep your feet stable and comfortable while doing crunches. You can use this for many core workouts such as twisting, sit-ups and ab crunches. It can be easily folded and does not take much storage space. It weighs only 16.3 pounds. It comes with two years warranty for frame and 30 days warranty for the upholstery. It is a great value for money fitness equipment. Thick padding on the bench makes crunches comfortable.


Ab crunches are much more effective for muscle gain as compared to the floor sit-ups. With the help of the simple decline bench, you can quickly do your ab crunches and then store it away under the bed. It is a great time saver. It is very easy to use and provides excellent relief for chronic back pain sufferers. It allows them to work on abs without putting any pressure on the back. The rollers have contoured design with a curve in the middle to prevent ankle and leg slippage. Core exercises not only improve balance but also strengthen your body. This entry-level decline bench helps you in exercising your core muscles in the comfort of your home. You can use it for back extensions also by lying face down on the bench and keeping your feet under the upper rollers.


It has a weight limit of 200 pounds. So, if you weight above the limit, you need to look for other costlier options. It is suitable for a maximum height of 6 feet. If you are taller than 6 feet, you are not going to feel comfortable on this decline bench. The plugs on the foam rollers come off easily but you can easily fix them with tape.


Overall, this entry-level decline bench by Nautilus is a value for money fitness equipment that allows you to exercise your core muscles in the comfort of your home. User reviews for this bench have also been overwhelmingly positive. It does not require much storage space so you can store it under the bed after folding it. So, if you are looking for a sit up bench at a decent price, the universal decline bench should be your first choice.

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