What is the Lift Weights Faster Solution

The Lift Weights Faster Solution is a program that promises to help people to lose body fat, build muscle mass and gain strength and cardio capacity. The program aims to change the way that people think about exercise, muscle gain and fat loss.

Who is The Lift Weights Faster Solution For?

The Lift Weights Faster system is aimed at anyone who wants to lose fat and gain muscle – whether they are an amateur athlete or someone who is training purely for health and fitness reasons. The solution can be used by men and women of all ages, and is suitable for people who have injuries that make it difficult for them to do cardio.

One common misconception about fat loss is that the only way to lose weight is to starve yourself and do endless hours of cardio. People are taught that there is a “fat burning zone” and that if you do lots of cardio at a certain heart rate level then you will burn lots of calories and your body will draw more energy from fat. People are also taught that food eaten after a certain time of day will be stored as fat.

These “rules” are incorrect and can be potentially harmful. The Lift Weights Faster Solution aims to re-educate people and help them find a more time efficient, sustainable, safe and effective way to lose weight.

Does The Lift Weight Faster Solution Work?

Lifting weights is better than doing cardio when it comes to losing weight, but just lifting weights in the traditional way won’t offer rapid results. The best solution is to lift weights faster – take those powerlifting exercises and do them more explosively, with less rest in between. You may need to use lighter weights to be able to keep up with the regimen, but as long as you are still doing resistance training then you will see results.

What is the Lift Weights Faster SolutionEssentially, what you are doing is combining cardio and strength training – this will give you the best of both worlds, helping to burn calories in the short term and also build muscle. Muscle is metabolically active even when you are just sitting around doing nothing, and this means that your metabolic rate will be higher, so you burn more calories each day, and can either enjoy the results of faster weight loss as a result, or eat slightly more without hampering your weight loss efforts.

This program helps you to reduce your overall bodyfat percentage. Many people who diet lose a lot of weight, but lose both muscle and fat – this is not a good thing. The end result is that they are smaller, but they don’t look any leaner. They are what is known in the fitness world as “skinny fat”. By lifting weights you can avoid this phenomenon and not just look good, but also feel stronger and healthier.

Because the workouts are fast and explosive, and there are more than 130 different programs to choose from in the conditioning library, you will never be bored in the gym. You can get your workouts done quickly, and get on with your life. Short, fun workouts are workouts that you are more likely to actually complete, and this improved adherence is one of the reasons that Lift Weights Faster is such an effective and popular body transformation regimen. The best way to see results is to follow the program!

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