What is Yoga – Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen

Introduction to Yoga:

Yoga is such exercise as considered as source of making body flexible and getting rid of stress as well as exhaustion of human body.It is an easy and very cheap exercise.For doing yoga,exercising person needs no expensive equipment’s and tools.It is the most accessible exercise for everyone.There are many types of yoga as per need of practitioner.The male practitioners are called yogis while female practitioners are known as yogins. In this modern era,being a famous exercise,yoga has become a regular practice of majority of those in the world who like to maintain a balance in their lives in respect of daily activities.


The history of yoga can neither be told exactly nor the name of inventor has been manifested ever by historians,but some south Asians historians used to articulate it’s era of practice that is approximately of 5,000-year as a history.In the past,it has not been a popular exercise.It got popularity in 1970’s.


In this busiest life of human,man has become likely to be machine who earns,eats and sleeps;this hectic routine makes his life desuetude in social circle.He faces destitute of real calm and happiness while spending life.In order to keep maintainability between himself and social life.It is very important to adapt himself to particular exercise and in the list of exercises, yoga is deemed to be easy,cheap and effective.Man can easily get rid of boring life.

Aims of Yoga:

It is often said,”sound mind is in a sound body”. Definitely,mind and body are comprehensively Connected with each other. When man feels stress and suffers from anxiety,he loses a strong connection of his own mind and body. That is why,it need of the hour for such patient that he must needs to modify his exhausting routine and do exercise.He must go to yoga consultant. The consultant will direct him a perfect type of yoga as per his need or what he wants. So far as aims of yoga are concerned,firstly,it’s positive impact on physical health plays impressive role on physical health on practitioner. Secondly,It takes away from anxiety and depression;doer takes a sigh of relief while performing his exercise.Thirdly,It builds a self-confidence in social life. It takes out of mental confusion and perplexity.It prepares the practitioner to be active and immediate replying man.Fourthly, so far as medical science is concerned,it says,”yoga plays a vital role on digestive system and has become a source of reducing acidity in stomach.Fifthly,the doctors generally suggest the yoga for the patients who are suffering from breath problems,but,for gaining escalating result from yoga,it very necessary to observe healthy and normal diet as prescribed by doctors. In healthy food doctors normally suggest vegetables and dry food.

Side effects:

It has been conspicuously observed that yoga has adverting effects on human body. Injuries lie in human’s body while performing wrongful positions. Owing to mistakes in yoga practice, particular part of body suffers such as neck,back,knee and shoulder.


All practitioners must avoid from anew yoga consultant. Light clothes for wearing can be suggested. Improper positions should be kept off. Over-eating ought be obviated by practitioners.

What is Yoga Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen